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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Holiday Highlights

9 JAN 2010
Went out with Wai Chi (Chiwawa) and Amy at Mid Valley~ Just some normal outing ~ relaxing ~ after massive of busy events and works xD Well there we are, eating Japanese Foods for our lunch and we watched Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 !! xD "The Chippetes" sounds so weird Hahahaha~ Well, after that we went to the chocolate exhibition~ So so so so many chocolates !! Yum Yum ~ Lastly we went for so called "Yum Cha" ~ then fetch the Chiwawa home to Cheras xD Wakakaka .. DONE !! xD


DaNcE dAnCe DaNcE !! Went to City Harvest Church for a dance workshop conducted by "O SchooL" from Singapore. And there i met my "NS buddy" !! Haha~ A lot people joined that workshop, well most of them are women~ Haha ~ and well it was a great experience ~ learning Hip hop, Street Jazz and Raggae~ most important part is that i gain a new level in dance =D

can you spot me? xD

15 JAN 2010
Is UTAR's WFC - Welcoming Freshman Concert!! Me myself, Eugene and Aaron went to my University at Setapak ~ Invited by my friends to perform a dance for them. Oh Yeah ~ we did well and the best thing is can know new people again !! Got a very professional magician there, another dance crew - my friends, another friend that can really sings well, a flute player, a pianist solo, chinese yoyo pro and some other singers =D It was cool and well yeah ~ will be seeing them always in Uni Life Hahaha =) And there am i and my crew =) ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS !!! Oops .. i mean .. POWER RANGERS .. = =||| No .. is Powerpuff Girls ~!!! xD HAhaha .. Well yeah, we are Revolution Army Crew !! =)

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