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Friday, April 23, 2010


Final exams is just so near ~
well gotta study hard for it to get colorful results ~
wish me luck, wish me best ~
Thx God for giving me another oppoturnity to Glorify Him again ~

After Stressed will have colorful Desserts ~

I have to scored this semester ~~!!!!
GAMBATEH for those who having exams and tests too ~

All the best and Wish all of you Blessed Days

Smiles ~

Friday, April 16, 2010

SaD CasE

Thought today will be a colorful day which i can meet a friend for the first time after knowing each other for about 2 years plus... But then it turns out bad..

I don't know what happen to her, few days back she so confirmed with me that she will go out with me.. and don't know why, don't know how, at the very last moment she told me she don't want to go and asked me to forget about her ... i just treat her as a good friend as we always chat along last time ..

I cannot accept the last minute cancelation.. so i acted so stubbornly, msning her to meet me there at 7pm which i will be going soon.. and then i offline ~ i reached there about 6.40pm .. and waited at the entrance until 7.40pm .. I sense a big moment of loneliness as so many people had passed by me.. every faces, every action, every scene of people moving around me.. I am so stupid yet stubborn .. i know she will not come.. but then i still believe that she will..

I felt that the new me is such a screwed up person .. became a good boy deserve such things? Changing to a better life deserve to be ignored by others? Maybe my theory is correct, good boys got no good ending~ should i change back to my old kind?? I feel like shouting, screaming ~ ARGH !

At that moment of loneliness, i cried .. i actually cried infront of public.. get ignored by a person that i thought she will be a great friend .. but then .. ya .. i know .. i hate ignorance .. i hate to be ignored .. i hate IT !!! ..

After i felt better .. i went to my friend's restaurant .. the Mantra .. and ate there .. Because he is the manager there .. He actually treat me for about over RM40 .. Woe .. Thx my bro ~ thx for cheering me up .. .. during eating, at that moment i still hoping she will come and find me ~ but then i am so wrong .. i went away with disappointment .. then went to church .. I am such a jerk for doing such thing .. my 1st most stupid thing i had ever done in my life ~ ~ ~ Its all my fault ..

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Time is Running Out

assignments assignMENTS ASSIGNMENTS !!! tests teSTS TEST !!! and the finals is coming so so soon ~ the time flies so fast that i couldn't even caught up with it ~ and now is already April ~ what is my accomplishments until now in this year? i feel so numb, tasteless -- like a dead man walking pass the time ~ the stress had overcomed me ~ all i answer to people now is "i am so stress"

i just hope that this semester will pass faster with my results in flying colors ~ i have God, Jesus please help me and save me ~ i have friends, so we can have fun together ~ but i do not have time ~
Oh Time ~ why u are just
60 seconds per minute
60 minutes per hour
24 hours per day
7 days per week
4-5 weeks per month
12 months per year

why just 365 days per year? why 31536000 sec per year?
is it the time's fault? or is it just humans . . .
people died, memories lost...
life is short
human cannot own the time, as time is always owning us~
Oh time oh time ~ please spare us

you will make us old, make us die
you will make us suffer, make us weaker
you will make us late, and make us worried
everyone must follow you, as you won't even care to follow us
you even won over money, as money comes from time

when money is born? decades ago.. see? everyone and everything own by you..
you sounded like a king, sounded like a God... but then you have no mercy at all ~
the whole world is chasing you! but couldn't even touch your very peak of time ~
not 1 of the world record is 0 second ~ you are so selfish TIME ~
Please do be more considerate on human beings ~

God created you and you act this way?

Well ~ we cannot change time at all =(

when time flies, everything flies ~ a fast forward of video would be the best example ~
so everyone, treasure your time~ be with your love ones and care for them ~ =)

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