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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Queen Seon Deok

LaDiEs N GeNtLeMeNs~~!!! Let me introduce all of you a very nice and interesting Korean Drama named "Queen Seon Deok". It is really really nice, i had watched for 3 episodes and now currently on the 4th episode~ from the start till now is still so so so so interesting and full of unexpected plots. I strongly recommend it to all of you to watch this drama =D, as you all can watch it at !!!! This are some pictures of the dramas~ =D

Queen Seon Deok acted by Lee Yo Won
Lee Yo Won so cute xD
Now the Sub-Actors and Actress

Ko Hyun Jung as Lady Mi Shil the pretty evil woman

Yoo Seung Ho as Kim Chun Chu

Yoon Yoo Seon as Ma Ya

Park Ye Jin as Princess Chun Myung

Kim Nam Gil as Bi Dan

Uhm Tae Woong as Kim Yoo Shin
This drama is so cool and it is really worth of watching!! so enjoy~~~~ =D

Thursday, November 19, 2009

We, Christians are M.O.D.E.R.N

There is a lot of negative mindset on Christianity nowadays:
1. Christian is a religion.
2. Christian people always goes church on fun days.
3. They are too boring as they always sing and pray.
4. They always talk about money.
And lots lots more~~

This is because the people outside does not really understand what is Christianity means. Why not let us forward one more step into the real meaning of it~ Christianity is NOT a religion, but the fact is, Christianity means relationship~ Church is NOT a place or a building, but it is a team of Christians that gathers~ These is the most simple way to explain to all of you =)

As for our teachings, is all from the word of God -- a.k.a BIBLE xD
Bible is not just words that we read~ is our Living Manual that guides us to the right path -- RIGHTEOUSNESS~ We talk about Love, Humbleness, Righteousness, Light, Truth, Healing and positive issues. As Jesus came down to the earth about 2000 years ago to set an example for us so we may follow the right way of living. This is because God Loves Us~ everyone on the earth. Not a person that He will miss loving them. Mostly all of you believe in God, so you all know that God is the more powerful and mightiest in Heaven and Earth. IF He do not Love us, we will be dead or can say, back to the dust of the earth --- Vanished~!!

So GOD=LOVE~ people that do not believe in God will not know how to love as LOVE comes from GOD ~

Okay, now to let you all know, CHRISTIAN is NOT BORING =)
We play BAND!! Drums, Guitar, Bass, Piano is the 4 basic instruments that we have.
We DANCE!! I am currently teaching dance too in my church =)
Hip Hop, Breaking, Locking, Popping, Krumping and extras ~~

Lets talk about Musics, as we know that EVERYONE love musics~
As music came from God, and Lucifer was an angel before that plays music for God.
Let me introduce some famous christian bands that is NICE =)



Well there is more ministries in Christianity =) Feel Free to Comment/ ask Questions =D
Christianity ROCKS ~ !!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Another Laboratory Long Day
And our experiments is getting more and more
The voltages we will be using is not 10V like previously
BUT 10, 000 VOLTS ... 10 kV man.

And well there are a few cases that my friends blew up the experiments
just about last week that my lab partner blew up a light source
And is MERCURY!! i was just beside and it suddenly BLOW OFF
when my friend on the power.

Well that is one example that it is dangerous in a lab..
And let me show you some experiments i did ~

Electron diffraction experiment


After turning off the lights

This power supply can reach 10kV

Capacitor experiment

ESR experiment

The results we get, looks so wrong xD

Another extra experiment xD (I AM ON TV!!)

Hehe, well sometimes it is fun doing experiments,
But it is not fun if we can't get any good results~

About nearly 5pm i reached Sunway Pyramid,
then window shopping awhile until 6pm.
Then Michelle and Ah Fu brought me to Shi Lin Taiwanese snack stall!!
Ok Ok, this picture is not the picture i took,
but that stall it sure looks so alike like this!
Haha~! well the food there is really delicious!! =)
THX to MICHELLE!! I enjoyed the food there~
and well the soya i drank is a soya bean that i missed drinking for so long~
VSOY !! i used to drink alot of VSOY at my grandparents Mobil Station at Malacca.
After closed down few years back, i didn't manage to find it
or can say i totally forgotten about this drink xD
Thx to Michelle once again =)

After dinner, i saw one familiar face nearby the shop~
And i is actually one of my friend's friend Wen Wei..
Lol ~ after greeting her then we went off~
After fetching Ah Fu and Michelle back home,
i went home and bath then immediately SLEEP!!!
too tired xD but i enjoyed the whole long day~ =)
Chiaoz everyone~ =)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Colourful Day~

11/11/09 - Wednesday - A day that cannot be forgotten

Why did i said that? Well woke up 9 a.m in the morning and there is one of my friend chat with my in facebook about his problems and all. He got in a quite of mess and all i can do is to advice on his own attitude as he is quit a bit proud of himself. Then time goes by, and is around 12pm something i had my lunch with my bros and we went for UTAR-PC block to arrange the
lighting for our dance performance.

I drove the church van out and Eugene followed me, and Aaron drove his own jeep. Well we met a traffic jam near the university at the roundabout, BUT guess what? When i step on the clutch, suddenly i heard a sound "PRAK". "AAAHHH!! WHY CAN THE CLUTCH BROKE??!!" i shouted. Haha, that was my 1st car broke down in the middle of the road. Luckily i got my friend there to help me pushed away the van to the side of the road. But another problem came in.

The van's double signal SPOILED! and there is NO TRIANGLE SIGNBOARD in the van. I was so panic and frustrated at that time as i wasn't able to do anything, only making phone calls to my friends to help out. As i am in a rush, Ps. Samuel ask me to write a note at the van "VAN ROSAK" xD. So i did, and sat on Aaron's car and rush to the University.

Well then the van was left for Ps. Samuel to deal with. But as he got there, he called me and said:" KENA 2 SAMANS!!" Walao, the traffic police so greedy, one saman not enough, but 2??? Aihs ~ ok ok then this is over.

Well then we continue in the event of the Public Relation course. Theme: "CIVIC MINDEDNESS!!" It was a cool and success event as there is a lot a lot of audiences =)


after our performance and the events, we took some photos! (incomplete as there is more photos that ying shin owe me xD AND VIDEO!!)

Went home after that =)

(8.25 p.m)
Reached Cathay Cineplex at the curve.
When i reached there i was like asking Where is the Nuffnang people?

and wow, they reached there punctually at 8.30 pm =D and the nuffnangers rushed there so fast to collect the free tickets~

And i got mine too!!! And a gift of 2012 compass pocket knife =D

Well then i took a group photos with the Nuffnang Cool People =D 2 leng zai and a leng lui =) there a ninja assassin behind too, rain = =""
AND the movie was SUPERB!!! 2012 ROCKS !!! hope this movie won the grammy awards!!
The movie was about 2hr and 40mins. Quite long heh? Well it is really worth watching the movie
as it fused up people's heart into one and more worth for me as i got FREE tickets !!!
Hehehe hooray !! Nuffnang ROCKS !! =D the End !! =P
The End !! =P
(will update the photos and video of the dance performance~~)

Monday, November 9, 2009

--- Malaysian Jokes ---

Pretty or Ugly
Mui Mui : Ah Lok says i am pretty, Ah Cai says i am ugly. What do you think?
Adam : A bit of both. You are pretty ugly!

Clean Mind
Question: Whose mind is cleaner? A man's mind or a woman's mind?
Answer : A woman, because she changes it all the time!

African Animals
Teacher: Name 10 African animals please.
Student: 9 Giraffe and an elephant.

Get Stung
Teacher: How did you get stung?
Student: By smelling a flowber.
Teacher: There is no 'b' in a flower.
Student: But there is in this one!

Play by Ear
Teacher: Michelle, can you play piano by ear?
Michelle: Nope, i always play with my fingers.

Answering Machine
There is one night i called my Mr. Alex but he was not available. He left a message on his answering machine:" Sorry, me and my wife can't come to the telephone now. You can leave down your name and contact number. We will get back with you later as soon as we've finished!"

Father ask his children to pick where to eat for lunch. The kids shouted "KFC!" So father brought them to the corner restaurant Fatty Boom Boom Kong Fu Chow.

Sunway Lagoon
3 country bumpkins were in the car going to Sunway Lagoon. They saw a sign saying " Sunway Lagoon LEFT ". And they went back home with full of disappointment.

What i learnt in school
"To be or not to be" -- Shakespeare
"To do is to be" ------ Descartes
"To be is to do" ------ Voltaire
"Scoobie do be do" ----- Frank

Read Aloud
Try to read it without making a mistake:

This is this monyet.
This is is monyet.
This is how monyet.
This is to monyet.
This is keep monyet.
This is a monyet.
This is monyet monyet.
This is busy monyet.
This is for monyet.
This is 30 monyet.
This is seconds monyet.

Now go back and read the THIRD word of each line from top to bottom. xD

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