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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

14 Years no see Cousin~

(28th Sept 2009)
WoooHoooo~ Finished my last paper! And i had a very happy feeling of a FREEMAN~ Totally stressed for a month and now i am totally free!!! Well, after exam i rushed back to Petaling Jaya and me and my family went to my 2nd Aunt's house for lunch. My cousin Stephan and Uncle Peter came from Australia!!! And it was a suprise to see them and i am very happy. Me and my cousin Stephan had not met each other for about 14 years!!! Imagine that! And He is so much bigger size than me although he is younger than me 2 years. Haha .. here is some pictures we took together =)

Stephan Silly Face~ xD

(29th Sept 2009)
Me and my parents brought my Uncle and Cousin went to Malacca visit. We went to visit my mom's big bro, uncle John Tan. And then we went to visit my grandma's and grandpa's cemetery, which is 2 different places. The reason is because my grandpa passed away when my mom is about 12 years old. So, when my grandma passed away 9 years ago, there is no more places to bury at the same cemetery. Well these are some pics~

At grandpa's cemetery

And the whole afternoon we roam around Malacca eating nice foods~

Baba Nyona Lunch~ =) Delicious!

At KK Home Deco Shop =) Sorry about the blurred pictures xD .. Is a great shop!! =)

At night we went to the Lookout Point near Cheras! Is a fantastic place and a beautiful scenery there with lots of delicious foods!!
And i ate these xD
Pepper Beef Steak~ =D
Fruit Salad~

Dragon+Passion Fruit Juice

And that is all for the day! ~~~ =)

Monday, September 7, 2009


Well everyone, something that i have not tell is that i love cooking too =)
And Today, i helped my mom in the kitchen for dinner!
Although there is just 2 dishes for dinner,
but today i had learnt how to cook Ma Po Tau Fu (麻婆豆腐)
and is very delicious oh!!

i had designed the beauty plate of 麻婆豆腐 xD
And the below pictures are the steps~

i start placing the vegetables orderly with chopstick (fingers pain eh = =)

With the small mountain of vege xD

My mom cooks


Start Dinner lo!! with our Japanese/Korean eating style~
Low table and we sat on the carpet and eat~ =)
Although is a simple dinner, but it sure taste Delicious!
Mom's cooking is the Best!!!

Simple yet Happy Memories

Night (5th Sept)
Came back from church and i took these photo,
with the lighting of my house

And she thought this picture is JJ (Singaporean famous singer)
well for me this picture i don't look like JJ xD
and she said is cute
well of course she is more cute =)
we chatted in msn for quite long
and i am addicted to her
really do addicted to her

1 am in the morning called her after msn
and we talked like we actually know each other for so long dy
the midnight with a rainy night
with her sweet voice
it will be always in my mind~

We actually talked many lame jokes
but the thing is got one part is
we laughed until non-stop
i laughed until my stomach and jaw pain xD
that is like so long ago i laughed like that...
thanks to her =)
she really do makes me happy
and thanks to digi campus pack xD
that is why i can call for free after using RM2 xD

Well, i would just want to tell her
express to her that what i felt
because of you i am happy
although we did not see each other often
although now is just a small memories for us
but it meant a lot to me
although now we are just friends
but hope that we can go further deeper in future~

To her i want to say, stay happy and smile always =)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Days ~

(Thoughts of 1/9/09)
i feel i have a heavy head all these while and guess what? Is actually because of my thick thick hair xD .. well these is the "last week" me .. Makes me look like having a big head xD

Here are some pics of myself "poser" = = ....
front viewside viewsAnd i took it in my room at PeeJay xD .. why my curtain still "bear bear" ah?
Sweat~ Haha .. and guess what ..
Yesterday i had a haircut and i am satisfy with my new haircut!

after bath

styled up my hair

Haha .. well i felt head is better and "lighter" xD .. although is just a normal cut but guess what .. very long din go saloon for haircut already ~ xD because usually i cut myself...


Me, Terence, June and Jacqueline went to the curve for dinner and we watched the movie "ILOVE YOU BETH COOPER" at 1u .. and this movie is awesome and nice! It is so funny and i really enjoyed to movie without any "interference" cause i sat alone~ Because someone talked so loud and play around so much in the cinema so i better sat myself alone to enjoy myself =P
Well this is the pic of that movie .. (this picture was taken few weeks ago before watching)xD

Well thats all for today~ Hmmm .. *how i wish i can see someone right naw~*

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