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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dot Dot Dot

Days at Malacca were a dot dot dot . . .
dot there dot here . . .
weather is so dot dot
keep sweating like dot dot dot
so many times i bath come out still dot dot
dot like shyte, dot like . . .

but then when out with friends dot dot everywhere
and some things came up dot dot
and now i don't know how to dot
don't know what should i dot
. . . . . . . . . . . . .

someone please come and dot me
dot dot dot . . .

Friday, February 12, 2010

Brave or Stupid?

.forgot how to love a girl
.forgot how to tackle a girl
.forgot how to understand a girl

and recently i met a girl that really got my attention after so long . . .
and the 1st thing is her smiles ~
after seeing her once, wanna see her again and again~
from that day onwards~ i keep thinking of her...
its been a week now~

Yesterday night i did something beyond what am i...
i totally din do this kind of thing in my entire life till last night..
Valentine day is not till date yet, but then because is chinese new year~
so i just thought that, from my heart.. i want to give her something
at least to make her happy~
i am not her anybody, but still as a friend too, i want her to have the valentine gift
went to her house and gave her~ and that is the 2nd time we met ...

Am i overdoing it? am i so stupid ~ maybe i did scared her ..
but then after receiving her thanks .. i am pleased ..
as long she is happy ~ i am happy =)

But then today .. i did another "brave" thing ..
for me is brave, but then for my friend .. i am stupid ..
i told her what i felt about her and all ..
and she is like speechless ..
after all that ~ i was like .. omg .. just a week and i tell her everything???

Haha .. Brave or Stupid? yeah .. i follow my heart .. my feelings ~
hope she really don't mind

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Distorted Feeling

Can't sleep at all ... came back from MOS ..
Multiples of negative thoughts came in my mind~

Felt like crying -- and i cried~
Felt like dying -- too bad i can't, killing myself is not a solution for life
Felt confused -- think too much
Felt sad -- can't do what i wanted to
Felt useless -- can't even tell that gal that she is beautiful.
Felt disappointed -- why can't i talk more to her? Maybe i am useless
Felt empty -- GOD! DO YOU LOVE ME?
Felt sucks -- The last thing i want to do is Giving Up all my dreams!

Don't know what happened to me lar.. i used to be a happy guy dancing all around, seeing so many stress around, with no support~ i will loose hope ~ i need help ~

Things i should do :
1. Pray
2. Cry and Pray
3. Cry more and pray more

Steps i should follow:
1. Academic comes first (after graduate)
2. Either go for Master/ Work
3. Widen Dance studio
4. Overseas for more knowledge in dance
5. Open a community of dancers
6. Deployments of great dancers into professional instructors
7. [Yet to step on]
8. Build up a College/ University/ Institute of DANCE !! <-- my dream

Haihs ~ looks impossible ~
I have to fight ~ and i need supports =(

Haihs ~ i need a love life too ~ single for so long d =( makes me sad too. I want a girl that is faithful and loyal to me ~ Hard to find ................. Its been so long dat no gals can strikes me, until just now ~ someone i really wanted to know and get close to ~ She is very pretty, sexy and gorgeous ~ but then ~ there is so many outside there, dunno why i am so interested in her .. want to know what she thinks, what she likes and dislike, what's her hobby and all ~ want to understand her .. want to care for her~ just hope that i wont be a annoyance to her .. and hope she can accept me as a friend that is willing to share and care for each other =)

Hope she will smile always~

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