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Friday, February 12, 2010

Brave or Stupid?

.forgot how to love a girl
.forgot how to tackle a girl
.forgot how to understand a girl

and recently i met a girl that really got my attention after so long . . .
and the 1st thing is her smiles ~
after seeing her once, wanna see her again and again~
from that day onwards~ i keep thinking of her...
its been a week now~

Yesterday night i did something beyond what am i...
i totally din do this kind of thing in my entire life till last night..
Valentine day is not till date yet, but then because is chinese new year~
so i just thought that, from my heart.. i want to give her something
at least to make her happy~
i am not her anybody, but still as a friend too, i want her to have the valentine gift
went to her house and gave her~ and that is the 2nd time we met ...

Am i overdoing it? am i so stupid ~ maybe i did scared her ..
but then after receiving her thanks .. i am pleased ..
as long she is happy ~ i am happy =)

But then today .. i did another "brave" thing ..
for me is brave, but then for my friend .. i am stupid ..
i told her what i felt about her and all ..
and she is like speechless ..
after all that ~ i was like .. omg .. just a week and i tell her everything???

Haha .. Brave or Stupid? yeah .. i follow my heart .. my feelings ~
hope she really don't mind


  1. hey you.
    there is a thin line between stupidity and bravery. guess you just forgot to let your feelings simmer a little takes time and different people need different lengths of time.
    do give the girl more time to know you and you to know her.
    i hope things will turn out great :))
    happy cny! and happy valentine's.
    dont worry so much!

  2. ==,如果是你的,神会给你。

  3. June: haha .. wookies ~ Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentines day ~~ =)

    Anonymous: of coz i noe.. but then this is wat i go for ..


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