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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Am i Back?

Yo everyone ~ sorry for going missing for such a long time ~
i actually gave up on writing my blog, but then it such a waste to just leave it alone here and letting people to see the same post all over again...

well i will be starting back my blog again ~ =)

the past few months of me can described as Busy..
a lot of things happened, sad, happy, bored, exciting ~
well just as we know it, Is LIFE ~
but without God, i wouldn't be here anymore ..

And even with God, there will be up and down in our life,
as this is a stage for us to grow up and learn something new ~
and for me, till one point i almost gave up on dancing,
and i almost gave up on teaching people too,
well something came up and had me inspire up, and thats it .. i did not quit xD

well i really love to dance, just that i need to improve more. Hope that i can find more dancers that had the inspiration to dance with me, so that they can improve while i am improving too ~ =)

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