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Monday, December 7, 2009


A great servant of God came all the way from Korea to serve us in Calvary Harvest Church tonight. As she has the gift from God to touch the eyes of human to inner heal, deliver the demon possessed and much more. As i had done this last year but it is not much an experience. But then today i had experience a totally fascinating experience from God. A CAUTION of living in this earth.

When it was my turn, i lay down and the pastor touch on my eyes and pray for me. It was so pain until a limit that i could not even speak out, all i can do is to shout in my heart "GOD SAVE ME and CLEANSE ME ALL". After i just shouted in my heart, i was gone. i thought i felt asleep or to say blackout cause of the pain, but i remember clearly before i was conscious i saw some pictures that went through my head so fast, i couldn't tell what it is at first. When i am awake, the pastors and everyone looked at me and ask me where did i go and what happened? I was like blurred and couldn't answer anything, but soon i told them i was not here just now, i was away from my body.

The pastor prayed for me again the 2nd time and then asked me to rest in the room. I did what she said and while i was lying down, God prevailed to me what had happened just now. He let me understand that i had died just now, my soul had gone apart from my body and i went to hell. I did not see everything inside hell, because it all goes too fast is like a fast forward. All i can remember is i came out from hell, a bunch of thick purple fat slimy thorns opened up and when i get out of hell, i saw a bunch of car accidents in front of me crashing up and exploding to me in an instant my soul went back to my body with the impact and i was awoke!

Although this sounds crazy, and i also thought whether is it just a dream? Or is it all made up by myself?? But it is a true case that what i had been through, i cried for more den half an hour praying to God saying i do not want to go to hell anymore~ and God comforted me and remind me that going to heaven is not as easy as it seems, a big sin is sin, a tiny sin is also a sin.. So in our life we have to be cautious in what we do and what we say or think. After this devastating experience, i would not waste my time anymore and i will be spending more time to get closer to my best friend Jesus =) .. thx Him so much~

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