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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Traffic Days

Felt a bit sick due to lack of sleep and rest. These few days were so so busy with dance practices and singing. Next Sunday will be the big day event at S.R.J.K(c) Yuk Chai --- My former primary School. 20/12/09 will be the Christmas Celebration Carnival held by my church and it will be about 1000 people joining us =D Well that is not all, 24th and 25th will be 2 straight Christmas dinner in my church and it will be about 300 people attending it. And lastly will be 31st, the end and last day of the year!! I will be leading our "Jump Around Party", something like concert and multiples of games and shows will be held =D Well these are the things i am busying about~ So sorry to my friends that i am not allowed by the time to blog new posts~ Forgive me xD As requested by my Friend Michelle, i will post the updates of my dance performance previously =)

That's all for naw =) Goodnight~


  1. hey, you were from yuk chai? i was from chen moh. hehe. (

  2. Lolz .. =) yeah .. Yuk Chai =D .. Chen Moh is where?? =P


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