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Monday, March 1, 2010


Argh ~ all these days i am so so busy ~
is just like never end ~
not enough air to breath ~
no finishing line ~
everytime is just coping up and chasing forward ~
well life is like that ~

Assignments, Tests, and Labs ~
Students must stress ~
Paper work, training, and profession skills ~
Employees must stress ~
Family, home, and financial ~
Married couple must stress ~
When, Where and How?
Old folks must stress ~
Anywhere, Anyhow and Anytime ~
Our life will be an end ~

But then Stressed is just a normal thing is this world...
If we changed our mind set oppositely,
Stressed is just Desserts in our life ~
A way to make us successful, compatible and regconized ~
To improve ourselves and to build up our strength in mind ~

A person without 'stress' will not know the desserts in life ~

Everyone ~~ GAMBATEH !!

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