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Monday, March 8, 2010

Superb Business (Busy ness)

Cultural Night Concert is coming soon!!!
Target Audience -- 600 to 1000

Ticket :
RM 10
Date : March 20th

Time : 6pm to 11pm
Venue : Utar FES Carpark

1st prize ---- BALI (2 tics, 5d4n)
2nd prize --- Cruising for (2 tics, 6d5n)
3rd prize ---- One time piloting lesson
++ 20 other prizes to be won ~~ (vouchers/hampers/++)

Conducted by Asian Cultural Society and Dance Club

Well, i am so so busy with this event. As i am the publicity manager of this event, i have to publicize massively to invite people to this event.
Our Setapak Campus is going smoothly, as for other campuses, tomorrow i have to go to PJ and Sg. Long campuses to publicize this event. Hope it will go smoothly too for me and my partner Saravana. Its been a rough and deadly weeks for me as i have to:

1. Publicize the event.
2. Putting up fliers and posters around University.
3. Setting up booths in the canteen.
4. Practice dance routine for the event.
5. Studying for the upcoming tests.
6. Doing assignments.
7. Doing lab reports.

I am so in need of rest and holiday~~~ Argh ~ someone please help me . . . . .
I need supports, i need supporters... just like everyone needs oxygen
I need time, i need more time... how i wish there is a time machine ~

I need my other half, still empty there for so long, i am lonely ~
All i do now is listen to My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade..
As the chorus had kept my spirit up~ to carry on ~ ~ ~ And i will


  1. yea today is the day!!! ROARRRRRRR!!!

  2. Amos, we all, Physics's course mates are always support you here!


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