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Thursday, May 20, 2010


Life can be so colorful at times
It can be not colorful too
Depends on what color you like
Some are Black and White

Some are all Pinkish

Some are Bloody Red

Some are just like Rainbow

In my life
I've found another color
I've found Y.O.U
The color that i like
The color that i am in love
The color that i want to have
The color of my strength
The color of my joy

Can i grab Y.O.U?
Do Y.O.U let me?
Can i have Y.O.U?
Do Y.O.U want me?

Y.O.U will be my favourite color in my life
and hope Y.O.U will be my everlasting color
and i love Y.O.U

Color - Y.O.U know ~

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