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Friday, June 4, 2010

pain or love? or both?

ever felt anything like this before?
i am sure everyone does
is neither disease, nor injuries
is something that you feel it deep inside your heart...

is like u so wanted to see that person, but he/she is not there.

is like when he/she does not reply your message.

is like he/she replied you in a way that they don't have any interest to reply.

is like he/she doesn't care for you at all.

is like you call that person, and he/she will not answer or deny your calls.

and that are such more to make this pain happen ...

and when u found out this pain ...

finally you've found out that it is because you had totally fall deeply in love with him/her ~

and is Love with pain? or pain with love? .. i love her .............................. =)

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