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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

~ HaPPy DaYS ~

Guess what people ~ These few days i am very busy
but then felt so happy with all the things happening around me~
with my UTAR dance club friends, coursemates, housemates and all ~
with my Church bros and sistas ~
Grooving around, smiling always, gaining new experiences,
sports, dance, events, classes and all ~
stress free ~ as i am not the same as last time anymore ~
i can handle more things and advanced into another level in life ~
Thx to my friends and family ~
I LOVE ALL OF YOU who is being a part in my memories and life ~

Pics time ~

This is me and my dance partner Joshua, and people called us the Poppin Boyz ~
He is a great popper and humble guy ~ talented and wise decision guy ~ respect him and glad to have a dance partner like him ~!

Well, here will be the photos of me and my church bros and sisters ~ ^^

There we go ~ happy times with happy memories with new story to add in life ~ ^^ Thx God for giving me wonderful friends around ~~~ God, please protect them always ^^ thx ^^

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