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Thursday, August 18, 2011


This year is different!
Well truly said i start to hate celebrating my birthday,
as when too many people around me,
and Sing bDay song,
i don't know what to do,
and i feel so uncomfortable,
maybe i am old dy?

or is it just not use to it getting surprises.
But... this year got a new thing!!! <3

Is her!
Yeah is her !!! <3

Just before 2 days of my birthday - 12th Aug,
I was about to leave the house for work,
A van came and horn in front of my house,
and it was POS Laju,
I thought it was for my dad or mom,
out of my expectation, it was for me.

It was from her,
and it stated the sender there,

"Gina LWY" ~! xD
At first i still do not know what is it for,

because usually i don't get any parcel as a present,
So while i was full with curiousity and also rushing to office,
i opened it up fast to take a peek,
and only knew it was for my birthday ~
Awwwww that sudden i was so touched,
almost cried .. but then because i was rushing,
could not put my focus into my emotion xD
Well, i promised her i would not open all until my birthday,
so .. Stay Tune for what present i got !! will be continued later ....

WAIT .. so, days had passed ~
13th Aug, after prayer meeting,
whole gang of church bro and sis went out for supper,
well, i knew something gonna happen,
but just keep it to myself, for not spoiling it,
But there was a bro - ACE ! he came to me,
and told me: "you know right we are gonna celebrate your birthday?"

"I waited so long, i feel like going home."
hahaha ~ alright .. dont care him, 

i still act like nothing happened,
so there we are .. UPTOWN !
Actually we went MING TIAN, 
but there are so many human ghost singing for the ghost,
so Noisy and Smelly for the ghost month,

so we shifted to Uptown! Western Food !
And there we go, Surprised again ~ =.=

Thanks to my Bro and Sis (YOUTHS),
Love you all !!! 20+ people ~ <3

14th Aug - My22 bday
My cellgroup held at Aaron Jiam Tee Meng's Grandma's House!!
oh well, skip all the long story part,
the Uni/College/Work cellgroup,
celebrated for me too, thanks you all !!!
Thx to all my brother and sisters!!! Love you all so much~

After cellgroup went Sunway Pyramid's Toilet Restaurant for Lunch,
And movie "Rise of the Planet Apes"

it was a good movie~

After bath and clean up,
i rush and opened up the Birthday present!!

my tears actually came out,
<3 gao gao ~
Picture can describe everything ~!
Here is my Presents from her !!

So Cute! Her voice is inside singing to me <3


i will always wear this ! <3 it so much

Thx Dear ~ =)
i really love it so much~
you've made My22 so colorful ~
and so loved ~

i "heart" u !

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