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Monday, October 10, 2011

I Am Free!!!!!

Woooohoooo ~!

Sorry for the late late late post as this event had passed !!!


Totally felt like i am a bird who can fly now ~

As these 4 and a half years in Utar,

is too challenging and Stressful ~

Well, i am not gonna start my full time stable job 1st,

i am gonna PLAY!

Gonna Try New Stuff!

Gonna do wat i want to do !!!

New Fresh Start with ..

Different Stress and Challenges awaits me T.T

But then is okay ~!

Follow the Right Path and Shine for Him!!

and get someone that i had in love with ~ xD

weeeeeeeeeeeeeee ~~~ 

These are my Holiday outings ~

Cherating Trip

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