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Monday, September 7, 2009

Simple yet Happy Memories

Night (5th Sept)
Came back from church and i took these photo,
with the lighting of my house

And she thought this picture is JJ (Singaporean famous singer)
well for me this picture i don't look like JJ xD
and she said is cute
well of course she is more cute =)
we chatted in msn for quite long
and i am addicted to her
really do addicted to her

1 am in the morning called her after msn
and we talked like we actually know each other for so long dy
the midnight with a rainy night
with her sweet voice
it will be always in my mind~

We actually talked many lame jokes
but the thing is got one part is
we laughed until non-stop
i laughed until my stomach and jaw pain xD
that is like so long ago i laughed like that...
thanks to her =)
she really do makes me happy
and thanks to digi campus pack xD
that is why i can call for free after using RM2 xD

Well, i would just want to tell her
express to her that what i felt
because of you i am happy
although we did not see each other often
although now is just a small memories for us
but it meant a lot to me
although now we are just friends
but hope that we can go further deeper in future~

To her i want to say, stay happy and smile always =)


  1. fuiyoh!!!有人发花痴了咯......

  2. = =||| .. who are u lar sohai? .. xD


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