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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Days ~

(Thoughts of 1/9/09)
i feel i have a heavy head all these while and guess what? Is actually because of my thick thick hair xD .. well these is the "last week" me .. Makes me look like having a big head xD

Here are some pics of myself "poser" = = ....
front viewside viewsAnd i took it in my room at PeeJay xD .. why my curtain still "bear bear" ah?
Sweat~ Haha .. and guess what ..
Yesterday i had a haircut and i am satisfy with my new haircut!

after bath

styled up my hair

Haha .. well i felt head is better and "lighter" xD .. although is just a normal cut but guess what .. very long din go saloon for haircut already ~ xD because usually i cut myself...


Me, Terence, June and Jacqueline went to the curve for dinner and we watched the movie "ILOVE YOU BETH COOPER" at 1u .. and this movie is awesome and nice! It is so funny and i really enjoyed to movie without any "interference" cause i sat alone~ Because someone talked so loud and play around so much in the cinema so i better sat myself alone to enjoy myself =P
Well this is the pic of that movie .. (this picture was taken few weeks ago before watching)xD

Well thats all for today~ Hmmm .. *how i wish i can see someone right naw~*


  1. mean us?
    sorry for disturbing lu!

  2. gah Gah gah~ nope .. is the noisiest one~ not u

  3. the naked photo.. look eww!!


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