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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

14 Years no see Cousin~

(28th Sept 2009)
WoooHoooo~ Finished my last paper! And i had a very happy feeling of a FREEMAN~ Totally stressed for a month and now i am totally free!!! Well, after exam i rushed back to Petaling Jaya and me and my family went to my 2nd Aunt's house for lunch. My cousin Stephan and Uncle Peter came from Australia!!! And it was a suprise to see them and i am very happy. Me and my cousin Stephan had not met each other for about 14 years!!! Imagine that! And He is so much bigger size than me although he is younger than me 2 years. Haha .. here is some pictures we took together =)

Stephan Silly Face~ xD

(29th Sept 2009)
Me and my parents brought my Uncle and Cousin went to Malacca visit. We went to visit my mom's big bro, uncle John Tan. And then we went to visit my grandma's and grandpa's cemetery, which is 2 different places. The reason is because my grandpa passed away when my mom is about 12 years old. So, when my grandma passed away 9 years ago, there is no more places to bury at the same cemetery. Well these are some pics~

At grandpa's cemetery

And the whole afternoon we roam around Malacca eating nice foods~

Baba Nyona Lunch~ =) Delicious!

At KK Home Deco Shop =) Sorry about the blurred pictures xD .. Is a great shop!! =)

At night we went to the Lookout Point near Cheras! Is a fantastic place and a beautiful scenery there with lots of delicious foods!!
And i ate these xD
Pepper Beef Steak~ =D
Fruit Salad~

Dragon+Passion Fruit Juice

And that is all for the day! ~~~ =)


  1. wow~~~ kinda nice eh.... went to melacca??? hehe~~~

  2. Haha .. malacca = my hometown .. Hehe .. very very familiar with Malacca d .. Hehe .. just bring my cousin go there =)


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