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Monday, October 31, 2011


me and Matthew's family
went to his dad's friend's house
to have deepavali lunch there!
the foods there excellent!!!
especially the spicy prawn!!
and Thosai, curry chicken,
home made cakes and small bites!
Cool !!! After the lunch, date!

Me and her went out
and today is her daddy's birthday
and she planned to celebrate tonight
so we went to the cake shop
and booked a Tiramisu Cake!

After that went to the new Jusco
is a total holiday and there are so many people
we were there and watched 2 movies!
1st is


watching movie with her
felt so good and 幸福
and ate with her too
in Ajisen Ramen

after dinner another movie!

Love U U 夏日樂悠悠

and this movie is super nice
the love story is so nice
took in Malaysia
Redang Island!!
i've been there few months ago
it is a paradise there too!!!

and from this movie i found out
the world really changed
she did not cry on those
sad or moving moments
instead of her
i had cried !

oh my oh my
and after the movie
we went off to go back
and because we had
a wonderful and happy moment
holding on together
and made both of us
forget where we had parked our car
we searched it for about near to
and at last found it xD

and we went to have some desserts
and there we go
end of the day

time flies

and i am already missing her

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