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Monday, October 24, 2011

Days with Celebrities (Part 1)

1st of all, i want to thank God for giving opportunity to get close with celebrities,

StarPark Malaysia is a ministry for christians Celebrities,
Artists and all. And thx that my pastor (Dennise) and the founder of StarPark (Ps. Joeann),
were classmates last time, and because of this relationship, i get to be close with them.

(October 15th 2011)
3rd Wave Music Rally
Starring- Brian Joo and Alexander from Korea

StarPark had invite me and my dancers to perform 
this event's opening dance. WOW!
1st time in my life to perform on the stage with a
3 of us dancers had only practice for nearly 2 weeks
due to lack of time.
But it all ends well, Thx God!
All Glory To God!
The music rally was great, and we performed
for 2 sessions, 4pm and 8pm!

Help them set up their hairs

Yay i also got fans~! xD

 That is the achievement of R.A.Crew!


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