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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

climbing tru love

who can understand my situation now?
who can understand my feelings now?
where the one you love
looks like don't even care you any more?
where the one you love
doesn't bother to put you in their first place any more?
where the one you love
does not even try to comfort you any more?

heart pains
floppy emotions
i want to bare these
and overcome the gap between us
i want to break the walls
and let her know 
no matter how pain for me it is
i would hold onto our love

love is not a game
if you fall in love deeply to a person
you have to treasure it
you have to be strong for her
you have to be right for her
you have to be firm for her

no doubts, no regrets
no lusts, no lies,
no fake, but truth

as truth between us
will only bond us
and i know she is the one
and my heart deeply knows it
how pain is it to leave her?
no... i won't want to leave her
i would not want her to leave me too
i would not let things to let her feel hurt any more
although my passed actions did
although she said she cannot continue any more
but when she sees me
her love for me from the heart comes out again
because deep down inside
she still loves me right?
as two of us meets

our thoughts is always just empty
and our heart is always "one"

I love her
I miss her


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