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Monday, April 2, 2012

Mama says

This morning really a break down for me again
I was so pump up to go to work
Suddenly my mom just ask me
What happened to you and her?

I was like .. er ... thinking" all of the time, now only ask mehh"
Oh well, and i told her everything
about what i had done
about my faults
and my mom say me:" guys always like dat" -.-
and i cried ... 

And she ask me so many questions,
about her and all
all i can say, is my fault..

and mom just said something,
Be patient on her, and don't give up
because all girls are sensitive
give her time and confirm her heart will cool down
and mom said:" If i don't love your father, and i have no patient,
I had already leave you all. So loving someone is about patient,
and giving in. Love the person have to accept all his/her bad.
Is not risk, but is what we called relationship.
No one relationship is always happy,

If there is, that is just a fairytale.
Every relationship has up and down,

and have to build, and have to help each other.
Have to solve problems, not to escape."

Why mom suddenly tell me all these

When she already give up on me
and i would not give up on her...
I told mom that she said no more,
and cannot accept it anymore..

Mom just said:" continue to find her even it takes for years,

no mater how she discourage or denies,
you have to be consistent to show your heart,
girls mind will change at one level,
and that is the time she can accept you back."

Mom gave me so much hope ..

But .. is kinda sad .. i felt so down again
She treat me so cold now
treat me somebody that is nobody to her anymore
treat me like other flower guys..
mom also knew i changed..
but she dont believe me anymore
God, please take away the sadness inside me
i hate it.. it pulls me to the drain
stupid emotion, i wunna encounter you

When i pray and cried in car
God tells me:"
I gave you a wonderful emotion,
where very few people has it,
is to know people's feeling,
and to pray for them,
where this is called strong sense in spirit,
sense to create more things,
to let people know that God feels them~"

wow ~ 
alright then =)
I will prolong ~
I will go on ~
I love God
I love Mom
I love Dad
I love my sister
I love my family
I love my bro and sis in christ

I love her always =)

So i will listen to mama too
and never give up on the true love
and lastly she got tell me
"when 2 person never give up on each other,
that is called perfect relationship."


because both are perfecting each other with love

oh well, i will pray and pray and pray ~
i know i have love so deep,
and i can't climb back out

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