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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Is the best for her

"Actually there is no such thing, i simply say only"
:') of cause that is not truth
Coz although that guy scolded me like shyte
and i can't keep it and told her
and she keep asking me to tell
and i don't think telling her is good

well.. i have to do this..
i can't be selfish anymore
i know i love her...
but if she totally don't care about me
i would just like an air caring about her
and caring for the friendship of hers and that guy

hack it
since she is so cold to me
she won't feel the warmth i had for her
Its okay if she says i cheat her
Or lie to her
since now her mind about me is all lies

there goes the hurtful times again
get denied by her
even the coldest times

but i still can't stop loving her :')
i only can love her secretly now...

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