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Friday, June 17, 2011

Missing Someone Badly ~

These few days i really miss her so so so much ~
Always think of the moments that we went out ~

at the Beach
at Jonker Desert 88
at the Theater

her smiles
her eyes
her voice
her gentleness

i just love the way she is
from the first sight admiring her
and every time i pray for her
i love her more and more
and miss her more and more

although she is far away
although we could not always meet up
but know i truly know what is true love
from her i learnt that

Loving a person truly is to give the person that you love
not to expect to gain anything from your love ones

Loving a person is to care and help the person you love
to make them smile and be happy

Loving a person truly need patient
no matter how far, how long, how difficult to meet the one you love again
it is always a "yes, i'll wait for the time when it comes!"

Loving someone that is special to you
you will always let him/her be special always

and i know
one day we will start our story
and we will continue our story till the day we step into heaven
the perfect love with Christ in it

i love you

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