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Monday, June 27, 2011

A day from 4 AM

26th June 2011

3:00AM only slept for few minutes and slept back
4:00AM have to gather with friends d 
because of BROGA HILL !!!!

lets go !!
but ended up leaving at 4:30AM
went MacD to Bungkus Breakfast!!!
5:00AM only the real journey began!!!
it took us 45mins to reach Broga Hill
and it was PITCH BLACK!~
wow! need to on my phone light only can see the road!
the climbing was so so so exciting !!! 
it makes me feel like i am in the Korean War,
that i have to climb in dangerous area
and never stop! and guess what?
i used only 30 mins to reach the top ! ROAR !!
woohoo ! Sweating like ... dunno what .. great exercise!
and then climbed to another higher top for a better view ! xD

Did some crazy stuff as always~ xD

After this, went to Jalan Gasing and had our breakfast!
so sleepy and tired!
reached home about 10.30AM and clean myself up ~
straight away sleep till 4.30PM and had dinner with family ~
during night .. is the night i always meet with her ~
so happy to see her everyday ~ thx Abba ~

and i called it a day !! xD

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