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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Redang Trip Day One

May 21st - depart from Petaling Jaya to Redang ~

Group - College/Uni/Employed Cellgroup lead by David

The travel is just so exciting as i am the video camera man to record the whole trip ~ and video edited by me too ~ it was a difficult progress and i learnt and understand how the producer felt as i am producing the videos ~

There are just so many obstacles and failures before you succeed the real thing ~ Just like in our life, when you want to Succeed your goal, you will encounter difficulties, traps, wrong decisions, holes, and other obstacles to complete your goals.

It is a progress in life, to gain more experience, improving our life, and to know and teach the young ones the right way ~ So there is, my video production of "A Memory of Redang Trip Day One - Part One" and "Part Two" ~

Hope u guys and girls like it =) ~
sorry that it is in Mandarin and Chinese ~ but there it is ~ do enjoy ~

Day One - Part One

Day One - Part Two

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