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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sonica Team

Sonica Sdn. Bhd. is where i am working now, my part time job.
Its been 8 months that i worked for this company, and i really learnt a lot from this wonderful company!

Sometimes its been tough for me to compensate in this company,
because i have no audio background, and this company majority deals with Audios and Musics.
When time passes, my knowledge in these had grown and i learnt more stuff in managing things!
Thanks to my boss, Mr Shawn.

Shawn Chong

He is a great man, and i really mean it that he is a very great man!
He love his family, he love his job, he had great knowledge in Technical, Business talks, entertain Customers, and of course super profession in Audio gears and Sounds!~ Giving Solutions to every problems that he encountered ~!

Well sometimes i had a grudge too in my workplace ~ but then boss will inspire us again from time to time~
And that makes me staying at Sonica to work for him, and improve myself!

And Sonica is getting better with different colleagues of mine that have their own profession skills!!
Here is the Team of Sonica ~

Current Team

Well that is all for today ~ just wunna share i have wonderful experiences with this Company ~! =) Thanks God ~

check us out at

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