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Monday, July 18, 2011

Here i Withstand

Here I withstand with you,
Going through all troubles,
Going through all problems,
Although problems could not be solve that easily,
or could not go away forever,
but i know you are always with me,
always by my side,
teaching me how to go through every problems.

When i am sad,
You give me joy,
When i am in bitter mood,
You give me sweetness,
When i am lost,
You show me way,
When i am weak,
You always strengthen me,
When i am near to six feet deep,
You are there to save me and pull me up.

I know i am having a lot of stress now,
and some problems that i could not solve,
so i wrote this to You,
that i withstand in Your presence,
because i believe in You,
i have Faith in You,
i need You,
i really really really need You always...
I Need You Jesus !!!

I want to hear from You,
I want to be with You,
Please Show me Your way,
Forgive me too,
Be with me always ..
No one understands how i feel now,
but only You ... Only You...
i cry .. you wipe my tears .. 
Crying to You feels so good...
because You will sure comfort me always
Thank You Jesus ..

I will always Withstand in Your Presence!

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