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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Today's Task at IKBN

Its Tuesday People !

Its the the 2nd day of the IKBN project ~ 

while the 1st day i cannot turn up due to class ~
so i am so excited to go Kuala Langat ~
A new Multimedia University named IKBN.
VERY NEW till that cant even see a student there ~

Left office around 11:00 AM.
To Kuala Langat with my Perdana V6 Executive!
Only me and Aaron Jiam will be working there today
and along the road, we had a lot of sharing
When we reached there .. I was like ...
Just imagine a Kampung full of trees ..
full of kampung people dark dark skin...
as in like chinese, indian, malays all also dark dark ..
You know why? 

Kampung ... i cant see any public transport anywhere
no Bus, less Taxi and no train ...
all they can go to a place is either by own car/bike ..
OR by WALKING !!! 
i see a lot of them walk under the red hot spicy sun!!!
that is why every race there had a special dark skin!!!

And all of sudden, a KAMPONG place ... all trees ..
Came out a Big Large New Building ..
IKBN !! the University !!! WOW ! xD
very huge and guess what .. they ordered 100 iMacs from my company
according to Tee Meng .. 

so we have to Install all of them there in the computer lab
only me and Tee Meng ..
carried, open up the box of two products (UPS and iMac), attach cables and power points .. 
and of these 2 products, we did 52 in count today !!!
 OPEN 104 Boxes
ATTACHED more than 200 Wire, 
and SET up 52 iMacs !!!!
from 12PM to 5PM NON STOP !! wooohooo !!

a very very great exprience today, and a very very sweaty day for me~
and also a very very work up day !! xD
but it was very cool dealing with all these stuff
Cool Machines makes people look COOL!!! check out the pics !!

So Imagine that
Steve Job - the founder of Apple
A Rich Guy after all xD

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