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Saturday, July 2, 2011


a thing/object that replaced the bartering system from decades ago - to gain goods and services.

In life, money cannot satisfy a person at all, cannot make a person happy for long.
It's only usage is to make transactions.
It is the goods and services that we want that makes Money is so important.
Everyone loves money, because without money you cannot live in this world at all.
Everywhere you go, you'll need it.
Everything you want, you'll need it.
Even nowadays, people place the importance of "money" in front of "time"! Why?

Nowadays, most of the people thinks there is no need to wait for time to gain money.
Any instant job? Go work for it! and Get the Money!
And after that job, they find for another similar job.
But then those are just temporary.
In reality, a stable job is always better.
Because there is a time that is being set that you will get your money (Salary).

No one will hate money in this world.
Unless that person totally don't need everything at all.
But what i want to say is that,
There is a lot of proof and testimonial from many rich person showed and says that,
They possess a lot of money, but still cannot find the totally Satisfaction at all!
Few of the Rich person committed suicide after they found out they can buy what they want, but...
they cannot buy satisfaction, cannot buy love, cannot buy back time.
So, be thankful for what you have now, and gain money in the righteous way.

Some people wants to be rich in a short of time,
and did those foolish things that totally destroyed their entire life.
Robberies, Kidnapping, Blackmailing, Stealing, Hacking, Drugs Trafficking and many others more.
God give us Governments and Rules for us to obey and follow the right way,
If even the rules on earth we could not Obey, how could we be Obeying the rules of Heaven!?

I myself also in need of money, I need money for,
personal stuff
a better dance studio
invest in dance gears
new desktop for movie producing
new phone (as current one is gonna die off soon)
car repair (gearbox and front bumper, hopefully my dad can help) xD
and more and more and more...

see? Money totally cannot satisfy all your needs .. 
And we also knew that money flies superb fast,
like the speed of light ! 3x10^8 m/s ! woooops .. Exaggerating ! haha

 step by step,
we find the cash,
to build our life,
without distress.

Money is important,
but time should be ahead,
and for the top of all these,
Is our God, Almighty, The Great.

Never Serve God and Money together,
But when we choose God,
God will provide our needs
and from God, we gain satisfaction.
Because of His Love for us,
He shall be our first and ONLY first priority in our life!
Without Him, we won't be here.
Thank You my Abba Daddy in Heaven that created me,
and makes me live in a COLORFUL life! <3

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