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Saturday, August 15, 2009

My B'day Suprise =D

(13th August 2009) Guess what, after school i went home for a nap and woke up with a bad fever! roar .. HATE TO BE SICK ! and continue rest until aroun 10.30pm. I felt better and i went to play pool with my friends beside Steven's corner, he re is some pics =)

Haha ~ there .. Kethes try to win me pool so many times still cannot xD Hahaha .. actually i felt something strange when some of them came by to the pool and they don't want to play .. Haha .. so after that we all went to Steven corner for supper .. and there is the suprise = =

scary part ~xD

I love this pic xD
New cake xD
the wet face me

And after that, not yet end ler ~ Haha Terence and June brought me to "The Ship" in kl .. and i had a nice supper xD Haha .. sick still eat so heavy lar me =D

me and june june =)

and that ends the night =D


  1. remember whose hand cause the cake face.. revenge it next time..haha..

  2. Hahaha .. u not inside one of them meh?? xD


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