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Sunday, August 2, 2009

~Question Marks~???

Ladies and Gentlemen, Uncle and Aunties, Boys and Girls, GrandPa and GrandMa, Good Afternoon ~ okay okay .. cut this crap .. HAHA .. well there is a question i would like to ask everyone of you, this may be a difficult question or can be an easy question, depends on YOU !

Here it GOES ! What is the meaning of life? What is the purpose you live in this earth?

What is life? What do you mean by what is life? Many people asked these questions and yet they cannot answer themselves. The search for the purpose of life has puzzled people for thousands of years. Contrary to what many popular books, movies, and seminars tell you, you won't discover your life's meaning by looking within yourself. You've probably tried it already, so there is no way you can tell yourself what you were created for!

Let's say, if i handed you an invention that you never even see before (for example: McLeod gauge), will you know how to use it or will you know that it is safe to touch it or anything? You don't even know its purpose, and what will you do? Of course, reading its instruction or manual to know what it is for OR find the creator that invented that invention!

For thousands of years, brilliant philosophers have discussed and speculated about the meaning of life. Phylosophy is an important subject and has it uses, but when it comes to determining the purpose of life, even the wisest philosophers are just guessing. Dr. Hugh Moorhead, a philosophy professor at Northeastern Illinois University, once wrote to 250 of the best-known philosophers, scientists, writers, and intellectuals in the world,asking them,"What is the meaning of life?" He then published their responses in a book. Some offered their best guesses, some admitted that they just made up a purpose of life, and others were honest enough to say they were clueless. In fact, a number of famous intellectuals asked Professor Moorhead to write them back and tell them if he discovered the purpose of life!

So, i would like to ask everyone again, What is the meaning of life? Please feel free to write down your opinion in the comments. I would like to see in everyone's view, you can write in poem, simple words or describing or etc... =) let us open our discussion in the comments, thx ~


  1. the meaning of life is to do & give out the best in you in order to make the world a better place & my purpose of life is to serve & do good work for the Lord as He is the purpose my life without Him I'm nothing.(=

  2. Life is a long, winding road
    there will be roads when we find ourselves stuck in the junctions
    Life is not a bed of roses
    but it can be as beautiful as them (the roses) but one also needs to endure the pain of the thorns
    Life is meant to be shared
    a life without love is like a tree without fruits
    Life is meant to be enjoyed
    all work and no play makes jack a dull boy
    Life is a gift
    from God to us and we should make full use out of it because we only live once
    Life should not be wasted
    on worrying, arguments , anger and unhapiness
    Life is colourful
    when you paint it with colours from heavens, with friends and family
    Life is whatever you dreamthinkfeelhopesee of it

    to live a life to its fullest,is to have lived :)

  3. read purpose dirven life by rick warren~ xD

    my life's purpose is to live for His glory! ^^ to live for Him, there are many things to do in this life in order to achieve it~ =)

  4. i read dy, dats why i wrote this to view in many different people's thought =) ..

    For me:

    Life briefs candle (by William Shakespear)
    Life is short and it can be huge or small,
    Life can be meaningful or dead.

    Life is like a movie,
    where you are the actor/actress,
    to do the best and get an award,
    to have a great life and get honored.

    Life is like a tree,
    Tree that grows and does not bear fruits is meaningless,
    Tree that grows and bear fruits abundantly will get reap because is useful.

    Life is created by God our origin,
    because He loves us so much,
    that is why He created us in His own image,
    that is why we do not have look of an animal.

    Life is like a marathon,
    there will be obstacles around you,
    and there will be competitor around you,
    who fast? who slow? The end is still at the same row.

    Life will be very meaningful if you love others around you,
    love the needy, love the poor, love everyone.
    that love is from HIM, the only one, the Alpha and the Omega.
    because of L.O.V.E, we must live!

  5. Life for me.

    and be merry!

  6. Hehehe .. Walter, is that all for you? hehehe .. funny u ~~~~ xD .. anyway thx for dropping by ~

  7. before i know God i don't know want we will live in the earth...i just know after die then just die...
    but now i know God have a good plan for everyone...even if who are both in a broken family, a miserable life n bla~X3
    God love we all so HE give us choose because HE don't wish force us to believe Him...
    although my life is normal but i know God always be with me every time...^^
    my life become meaningful coz i accept the LOVE of God...^^

  8. amos..! ur blog is growing so fast! thumbs up weh man!! =)

  9. that is your meaning of life terence? LOL


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