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Monday, August 10, 2009

~My Dreams and My Goals~

I love my life, and with my dreams and goals applied in, i felt my life is more worth it and more interesting~
Everyone do have their own dreams and goals, and so do i. A lot it seems, but how would you manage to reach your goals and dreams? Start from the nearest goals and complete it before going to the next one is the right way !

(My Goals)
1. To set the priority as a student to finish up my academic.
2. To build up a strong dancing team in my church.
3. To master drumming as professional.
4. To lead the youth with a good example.
5. To get a good job and honor my parents.
6. Open a dance studio
7. Get my lotus exige xD
(My Dreams)
1. To open orphanages and help the orphans
2. To open houses for the needy
3. To be the light of the world
4. To be a dancing pastor

As you all can see~ with the dreams and goals that you had set in your mind, it will keep letting you to move on~ Life will be more interesting and full of meaning with the dreams that you want to accomplish ~ there is still some other dreams and goals will come up to you, just keep listing down what you wanted to do all these days~ it will be meaningful ~ =)

May God Bless Everyone with Love, Kindness and Grace =)
Nites Everyone ~ *Hugsss*


  1. I like tis post, it touched me so nt like u, i nvr thnk so much abt my future nor my dreams...gambateh!!!

  2. :) keep on keeping on. support you.

  3. thx Joey ~ well u can think about some goals in ur life =)

    Thx sister for ur support ~

  4. Good goals, got dream..only can success in life..

  5. haha .. thx Ooi Yuan, i think u got ur own good goals and dreams too =) Gambateh !

  6. i oso got de...hehe. high five!^^ i'm amazed at ur dreams n goals..gambate o! i supprt u..=D God bless!!

  7. dream is juz for wish onli

  8. wow... may all your dreams come true lo...

    and am sure ur special one ~ Mr. Imran will always support you... xD... jk.. =P

    fighting!~ ^O* do the best for god! =)

  9. Lolz .. = = .. Hahaha .. Tan .. nope nope .. dreams u put ahead for urself so that u got a road to run towards it =) .. Hehe .. that is the main point! not just only wish =)

  10. I also love cars!!!! I have set many of the goals for 2010 and setting time line to achieve those goals in the given time frame,


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