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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Thoughts

My Thoughts
"Why there must be enemies in this world?
Why can't people forgive each other?
Why must people shed blood on each other?
I hope all the wars will end in this earth and not to be started again."

"Why the poor are forsaken as the rich ones are up high?
Why can't the rich save the poor?
Why not to love the poor than loving yourself being rich?
I wish i could have the money and help the poor and orphans."

"Why most of the people felt so empty inside?
Why they always finding something to satisfy themselves yet cannot be reached?
Why some of them cannot find the answer and killed themselves?
I pray that everyone is fulfilled by love and live happily always~"

"Why some people are born without parents around?
Why some people lost their love ones suddenly?
Why some people don't appreciate that they got a complete family?
I am happy that i have my family with me and i hope everyone got their love ones around."

So many "Why" it seems, all inside my thoughts,
this is what makes me have the passion to help others,
this is the way i would want to act out,
to show love, kindness and faith on the weak ones,
not to judge people, but to support and help out,
I hope my heart will continues on with these thoughts ~

I Love Everyone <3


  1. very good thoughts...and it has touched me...There are always a lot of why's in our life. sometimes we may feel confused, miserable or lost our way...what we need to do, is just to believe, to care and to love...

  2. very good one bro..
    yeah i am one of them who may always ask "why"..
    & we can never finish answering all the "whys" or whether we have all the answers for all these "whys". Only God, our creator have the answers..we can never question God, because His knowledge & wisdom is beyond our human mind..

    God definitely have His answer, His reason, His plan for all these to happen..We may not understand now. what God want us to do is not to ask all these questions "why". focus on answering "how.." . start from ourself.

    how we can love our enemies? how we can forgive? how we can help people around who is hurt & feel empty? how we show care & concern towards the needy, those without we can help others when we are rich,

    you already answer it. =) i believe that's what God want us to who God want us to be. do what God want us to do. just like how God show His love for us, we ought to show our love to others..



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