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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Stress Weeks

Isssh ~ These few weeks is the deadliest week for me for my course, my batch..
Even the smartest and most hardworking 4 flat student in my class also cannot manage to finish the reports, assignments and presentations.. He even ask us to ask teacher to postpone again and again .. well we sure agree with him .. =P

Oh man~ Thursday is my Quantum Mechanic Test .. this is one of the thougest subject in myi course.. even my friend told me his lecturer told them: "Physics students subject is very very tough, especially QUANTUM MECHANIC." Sigh, i guess i cannot escape from this subject but to push forward! Even the text book said:" If you are not confused after studying Quantum, means you have not learn anything." SO~ it means to understand this subject is to get CONFUSED!! hahaha ...

Well.. this is what i have finish off in these 2 weeks before finals ~
1. Quantum Mechanic Test
2. 3 Physics Lab reports
3. 1 Computational assignment 4
4. 1 Computational assignment 5 with presentation
5. Solid State X-Ray Diffraction assignment
6. Physics Laboratory Presentation - presentation for 50% marks as my finals
7. Oscillation and Waves test

and then ~ FINALS on SEPT 11th !! and ends at 28th SEPT !! xD

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