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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Days with Fulfillments =)

Aw man~ my left knee started to pain again.. i used to have problem with my right knee when i was in high school, but then now is my left knee. =(

Maybe its because i dance too much these few days, teaching my students, my bros and sis. Well it was fun when we dance in our studio and the music beats in so loud with full of feelings and expression. These few days i found out some of them were so talented and had the gift on dancing =) Thanks God.
I wanted to tell them one thing that is very important, "A great teacher is to bring up great disciples, but a great disciple is to surpass the teacher." This is what i have in my mind, and i will sure tell them this next time. What i have in my mind is to teach them what i had and applying those feeling expressions, those dancing gestures to them.

Many of my friends asked me to go for many dancing competitions, but i do not intend to. I had once participated before in my University and won the people choice award, that is just for my experience. But my passion for dancing is not to go for comparing or competition, not to win something from what i dance. What i want is to tell the people that dancing is one of the good way to express feelings and emotions. I want to dance out the feeling of lively, the joy, the excitement, the fun, and the strength and others...

And the most important part is to dance 100%, giving glory to my God, the almighty God of heaven and earth! This is because "DANCE" is made by Him too! God made music and then dance, and i love these two =) And just want all the dancers to know that, dancing is just not simply that dance only, dance can be more~

Dance can bring the audience to your imaginations, dance can spread out the emotions letting the audience feel what you felt, dance is an art to treasure, dance is the creativity and flexibility of yours, dance is one of the good way to workout too! =)

Well, thanks for reading this post, and this is what my passion on dancing are~ =) next time i shall introduce many type of dances =D


  1. Hope your passion for dancing never dimmed over the years. haha. Support you always and good luck. ^___^

  2. Thx Michelle =) BLeks .. thx thx for always supporting me =)


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