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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dot Dot Dot ...

(27 OCT 2009)
Another school day, today woke up at 7 a.m. with a painful throat and jaw. Aiks, found out that i had a bad sore throat and there is a pimple inside of my mouth near where my throat sores. *sweat*. After getting ready, then drove all the way to Setapak and picked up my 2 friends and went to university together. AW MAN, we went there at the wrong time, thought the class was suppose to be 8.30 a.m, but ended up 11 a.m, and we were like saying *We should be on the bed right naw snoring~* Hahaha .. well then we started our expriments early and after the the briefing we continued and finished up one experiment while the other will be done next week =)

After lab, sent them home and guess what. . .
TRAFFIC JAM on 3.30 p.m??~

Great, federal highway is full of cars, and i am stuck so long in the jam. Thanks to one lady on that jam because she let me passed through all the way to the left lane so i can go back from the ss2 road, i am smart .. =P .. reached home!

Well its been busy all these while, working, dancing, go for labs and church activities. It was great as my life is really full of colors and well said as Colors make life better!!

There Michelle Yeo, since you wanted to see how the bookstore looks like which is where i work, there it is =P
Is well to be said Bookelicious~ xD


And books

The front

Music session

And...MORE bookssss

This is the bookstore i work at. Now i will probably more at Damansara Perdana. The bookstore that i showed. Thx God. Will be working at two places, sometimes at NZX and sometimes at DP =)

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