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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Woe .. so so tired man~ my so call "short semester" just started today and i woke up at 7am to prepare myself and then drove to Setapak after drinking a hot hot Milo xD Then meet back my course mates and went in the lab. All we went there is just briefing, and nothing much we learn because the lecturer told us the lab will only start next Tuesday. Aihs~ time wasted, then i went for lunch with my course mates at "Bintang tujuh" since Steven Corner did not open due to renovation. About 12pm i reached home, rested for awhile and then went for work. Was my first day of work in Canaan Land Bookstore and Musics, and i had learnt a lot of stuff on my first day of work. From 1pm till 7.16pm, non stop work, i din realize time flies so fast, as inside the bookstore i am so busy with compiling all the books, storing the books, arranging the books, wipe the windows, arrange the music cds, work as cashier, find books for customers, running up and down for obtaining items, and many others.... WOW~ I did not know that working in a bookstore will be so though afterall. GREAT EXPERIENCE~ Haha.. well the business in this christian bookstore is going so well and i can see that every helper is busy with their own work allowing this bookstore to run so efficiently and effectively, the phone even rang almost every 3 or 4 minutes. Haha .. well tomorrow will be another great shining day, i must sleep early to regain my energy so that i can pump up the spirit to work with all my might in that bookstore i love =) CanaanLand xD Thanks God for letting me to join with this team in this bookstore of His =) yayyyy =) Nitesss everyone =)


  1. Amos, which branch? can help check if my member card is ready? XP


  2. Haha at their headquarters NZX =P .. ahhaha sure Colin .. are u the Colin i knew? =P

  3. Yeah Colin from Cavalry Harvest Center

  4. ?? erm erm erm .. mandarin name?? xD .. Hmmm .. Colin who? hmmm


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