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Friday, October 30, 2009

The Missing Piece

My heart have a missing piece,
The piece that i missed,
Every minutes and seconds at least,
The one who is a miss.

Missing someone that i love,
As beauty as a flying dove,
Her voice her smiles which i know,
In my mind shall ever grow.

Missing someone is not just these,
It is way more meaningful than a kiss,
With hope and love it consist,
With kind and patient and the peace.

Some will miss with desire,
Others missing someone sorrowfully,
Some will miss with pleasure,
Others missing someone painfully,

Some will miss with loyal,
Others missing someone crazily,
Some will miss with faith,
Others missing someone lonely.

Missing... You...
Is not just a phrase only,
Missing... You...
It can be full of meaning,
Missing... You...
Is not just to be said, or to be told,
Missing... You...
You have to FeeL~

I am Missing You~
Although we aren't together,
Although we aren't that far apart,
Although we have always talk,
but i still misses you~

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