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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Neighbour's Wedding Lunch

A very very warm afternoon and is near 1.30pm. My left side neighbour's daughter, Yasmin got married today~ Me and my family were invited to her wedding lunch, and i tidy up myself and then we walk to the city hall near my house for the lunch as they held the lunch there. WOW .. a lot people reached there d~ then we had our lunch there before the bride and groom reach because everyone already eating~ HAHA .. about 2.30pm only the bride and groom reached the hall with the "Kompang's" with all the music "tak tak tak tak tak Pom tak Pom tak Pom tak~~" xD .. HAHAHAHa.. and i had experienced a total different wedding compare to chineses and indians because this time is a Malay's wedding =)

Yay~ after went back home .. SWEATY!!! The heat is just too warm .. Haha .. well that's all for now =)

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