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Monday, November 9, 2009

--- Malaysian Jokes ---

Pretty or Ugly
Mui Mui : Ah Lok says i am pretty, Ah Cai says i am ugly. What do you think?
Adam : A bit of both. You are pretty ugly!

Clean Mind
Question: Whose mind is cleaner? A man's mind or a woman's mind?
Answer : A woman, because she changes it all the time!

African Animals
Teacher: Name 10 African animals please.
Student: 9 Giraffe and an elephant.

Get Stung
Teacher: How did you get stung?
Student: By smelling a flowber.
Teacher: There is no 'b' in a flower.
Student: But there is in this one!

Play by Ear
Teacher: Michelle, can you play piano by ear?
Michelle: Nope, i always play with my fingers.

Answering Machine
There is one night i called my Mr. Alex but he was not available. He left a message on his answering machine:" Sorry, me and my wife can't come to the telephone now. You can leave down your name and contact number. We will get back with you later as soon as we've finished!"

Father ask his children to pick where to eat for lunch. The kids shouted "KFC!" So father brought them to the corner restaurant Fatty Boom Boom Kong Fu Chow.

Sunway Lagoon
3 country bumpkins were in the car going to Sunway Lagoon. They saw a sign saying " Sunway Lagoon LEFT ". And they went back home with full of disappointment.

What i learnt in school
"To be or not to be" -- Shakespeare
"To do is to be" ------ Descartes
"To be is to do" ------ Voltaire
"Scoobie do be do" ----- Frank

Read Aloud
Try to read it without making a mistake:

This is this monyet.
This is is monyet.
This is how monyet.
This is to monyet.
This is keep monyet.
This is a monyet.
This is monyet monyet.
This is busy monyet.
This is for monyet.
This is 30 monyet.
This is seconds monyet.

Now go back and read the THIRD word of each line from top to bottom. xD


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