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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Another Laboratory Long Day
And our experiments is getting more and more
The voltages we will be using is not 10V like previously
BUT 10, 000 VOLTS ... 10 kV man.

And well there are a few cases that my friends blew up the experiments
just about last week that my lab partner blew up a light source
And is MERCURY!! i was just beside and it suddenly BLOW OFF
when my friend on the power.

Well that is one example that it is dangerous in a lab..
And let me show you some experiments i did ~

Electron diffraction experiment


After turning off the lights

This power supply can reach 10kV

Capacitor experiment

ESR experiment

The results we get, looks so wrong xD

Another extra experiment xD (I AM ON TV!!)

Hehe, well sometimes it is fun doing experiments,
But it is not fun if we can't get any good results~

About nearly 5pm i reached Sunway Pyramid,
then window shopping awhile until 6pm.
Then Michelle and Ah Fu brought me to Shi Lin Taiwanese snack stall!!
Ok Ok, this picture is not the picture i took,
but that stall it sure looks so alike like this!
Haha~! well the food there is really delicious!! =)
THX to MICHELLE!! I enjoyed the food there~
and well the soya i drank is a soya bean that i missed drinking for so long~
VSOY !! i used to drink alot of VSOY at my grandparents Mobil Station at Malacca.
After closed down few years back, i didn't manage to find it
or can say i totally forgotten about this drink xD
Thx to Michelle once again =)

After dinner, i saw one familiar face nearby the shop~
And i is actually one of my friend's friend Wen Wei..
Lol ~ after greeting her then we went off~
After fetching Ah Fu and Michelle back home,
i went home and bath then immediately SLEEP!!!
too tired xD but i enjoyed the whole long day~ =)
Chiaoz everyone~ =)


  1. Har...Hv u al damage the equipment? Wakaka...

  2. HAhaha .. is Imran that destroyed it xD


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