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Thursday, November 19, 2009

We, Christians are M.O.D.E.R.N

There is a lot of negative mindset on Christianity nowadays:
1. Christian is a religion.
2. Christian people always goes church on fun days.
3. They are too boring as they always sing and pray.
4. They always talk about money.
And lots lots more~~

This is because the people outside does not really understand what is Christianity means. Why not let us forward one more step into the real meaning of it~ Christianity is NOT a religion, but the fact is, Christianity means relationship~ Church is NOT a place or a building, but it is a team of Christians that gathers~ These is the most simple way to explain to all of you =)

As for our teachings, is all from the word of God -- a.k.a BIBLE xD
Bible is not just words that we read~ is our Living Manual that guides us to the right path -- RIGHTEOUSNESS~ We talk about Love, Humbleness, Righteousness, Light, Truth, Healing and positive issues. As Jesus came down to the earth about 2000 years ago to set an example for us so we may follow the right way of living. This is because God Loves Us~ everyone on the earth. Not a person that He will miss loving them. Mostly all of you believe in God, so you all know that God is the more powerful and mightiest in Heaven and Earth. IF He do not Love us, we will be dead or can say, back to the dust of the earth --- Vanished~!!

So GOD=LOVE~ people that do not believe in God will not know how to love as LOVE comes from GOD ~

Okay, now to let you all know, CHRISTIAN is NOT BORING =)
We play BAND!! Drums, Guitar, Bass, Piano is the 4 basic instruments that we have.
We DANCE!! I am currently teaching dance too in my church =)
Hip Hop, Breaking, Locking, Popping, Krumping and extras ~~

Lets talk about Musics, as we know that EVERYONE love musics~
As music came from God, and Lucifer was an angel before that plays music for God.
Let me introduce some famous christian bands that is NICE =)



Well there is more ministries in Christianity =) Feel Free to Comment/ ask Questions =D
Christianity ROCKS ~ !!!


  1. its about time someone in malaysia say this thing!.. job well done bro...
    i am also a proud christian...!

  2. Heys thx bro =) wow i din knoe u are a christian too !! =D we are bro in christ!!! woohoo ~~ Oh Yeah ~ u from where actually?

  3. you forgot bout switchfoot and relient K..i listen to those though im not christian...

  4. Hahaha .. yeah i know switchfoot and relient k .. there is more and more .. xD will update more ya =D .. i love switchfoot de .. their song super duper different and special .. the latest is gravity =D


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