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Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Colourful Day~

11/11/09 - Wednesday - A day that cannot be forgotten

Why did i said that? Well woke up 9 a.m in the morning and there is one of my friend chat with my in facebook about his problems and all. He got in a quite of mess and all i can do is to advice on his own attitude as he is quit a bit proud of himself. Then time goes by, and is around 12pm something i had my lunch with my bros and we went for UTAR-PC block to arrange the
lighting for our dance performance.

I drove the church van out and Eugene followed me, and Aaron drove his own jeep. Well we met a traffic jam near the university at the roundabout, BUT guess what? When i step on the clutch, suddenly i heard a sound "PRAK". "AAAHHH!! WHY CAN THE CLUTCH BROKE??!!" i shouted. Haha, that was my 1st car broke down in the middle of the road. Luckily i got my friend there to help me pushed away the van to the side of the road. But another problem came in.

The van's double signal SPOILED! and there is NO TRIANGLE SIGNBOARD in the van. I was so panic and frustrated at that time as i wasn't able to do anything, only making phone calls to my friends to help out. As i am in a rush, Ps. Samuel ask me to write a note at the van "VAN ROSAK" xD. So i did, and sat on Aaron's car and rush to the University.

Well then the van was left for Ps. Samuel to deal with. But as he got there, he called me and said:" KENA 2 SAMANS!!" Walao, the traffic police so greedy, one saman not enough, but 2??? Aihs ~ ok ok then this is over.

Well then we continue in the event of the Public Relation course. Theme: "CIVIC MINDEDNESS!!" It was a cool and success event as there is a lot a lot of audiences =)


after our performance and the events, we took some photos! (incomplete as there is more photos that ying shin owe me xD AND VIDEO!!)

Went home after that =)

(8.25 p.m)
Reached Cathay Cineplex at the curve.
When i reached there i was like asking Where is the Nuffnang people?

and wow, they reached there punctually at 8.30 pm =D and the nuffnangers rushed there so fast to collect the free tickets~

And i got mine too!!! And a gift of 2012 compass pocket knife =D

Well then i took a group photos with the Nuffnang Cool People =D 2 leng zai and a leng lui =) there a ninja assassin behind too, rain = =""
AND the movie was SUPERB!!! 2012 ROCKS !!! hope this movie won the grammy awards!!
The movie was about 2hr and 40mins. Quite long heh? Well it is really worth watching the movie
as it fused up people's heart into one and more worth for me as i got FREE tickets !!!
Hehehe hooray !! Nuffnang ROCKS !! =D the End !! =P
The End !! =P
(will update the photos and video of the dance performance~~)


  1. haha..a run of bad luck..
    but behind bad luck comes good luck..
    So, wish you good luck here..=p
    After upload your video of the dance performance remember inform me loo..^^

  2. 2012!!! I haven't watch~ T.T
    Your 1st time to join nuffnang premiere how is it? Nice, right? =)
    Next time we go together when i back kl! ^^

  3. o.O car rosak park at roadside oso will kena saman wan ga???

  4. Michelle, Thanks for the wish =) okays sure but have to wait for my friend because she have to get from her director also.

    Josh, YeaH it was SUPERB!! hehe .. lucky i am smart to put my phone in the car hiding in one place. If not have to get in the long long line before and after the movie to give and take back the phone xD hehe wait u come back lo .. hehe i maybe can get Ninja Assassin's premiere screening too xD

    Edryanne, Ya La !! coz din put double signal, cannot put also =( rosak also .. and there is not caution sign in the van too T.T .. But thx God everything going fine naw xD


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