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Monday, July 20, 2009

About Me

Yo everyone! Hi i am Amos Lim Ao-Yi, and i am currently studying at University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) at Setapak KL. I am taking Bachelor Degree in ...... PHYSICS ! I actually cannot believe myself that i took up this subject and this is totally not me because i am not a "study typ" of person xD. Well life goes on and now i am in 2nd year 1st trisemester already. Well my life has been always interesting and i had gain many experience in many things and i would like to share to all of you ~ =)

My main hobby is DANCE ~! And no one could stop me from that.. currently major in Popping dance (Electric Boogaloo). The 1st time i really perform on stage dancing is when i was in Primary 6, and i could never forget that moment, because we used the song "WE WILL ROCK YOU" as our graduating dance performance. Since then i had been researching on dancing myself and learn from videos. The most special thing is, i had never go for a dance studio for any class before, and i know this is a gift from God that i could dance this well. My dancing life had pushed me forward for so long until now~~

The other hobbies of mine is :
-Play Futsal
-Play computer games
-Chat with friends and meet up with new friends
-Shopping =) ( but no money T.T)

Fav Foods:
-Any with Cheese
-Fruits (Kiwi, Peach,Lemon and Strawberry)

Fav Drinks:
-Coffee (Kopi O', White Coffee, Mocha and Cappuccino)
-Fruit Drinks (sour like Kiwi or Lemon)
-Coca-Cola (fan)

Fav Colors:

Note: I am a friendly guy xD

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