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Sunday, July 26, 2009

~My Saturday Night Life~

Everyone got their own Saturday night sweet time, like:
-Watch movies or dramas
-Online Chit Chat or Play Comp. Games
-Meeting up with Friends~

But mine is different ~ my every Saturday night routine is going to my BIG DADDY'S house, my 2nd home sweet home with full of bros and sista, my place where i get fullness, That is my Church !

Calvary Harvest Centre
Welcome to my Family in Christ ~ =)

This time (Saturday), an invited guess followed me along to visit my church =) .. and to "Invited Guess's boyfriend": please don't misunderstand anything yaaaaa ~ xD she just came by to my church and visit, and in a meantime she meets with new people around~ plus can help her in finding jobs for industrial training ~ =)

Well hope she had fun and a great experience in church since she is bored at home and the 1st time to see church that have nice songs =D

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