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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

-Instant Hang Out -

(27th July 2009)
"Aiyo ~ I don't want to go lar ... you go with Jaq lar .. i don't feel like going anywhere ~ !" .. This is what i said to Terence when he called me and ask me and beg me to "teman" him and Jaq to go Mid Valley at 8pm for shopping, because Jaq want to buy one present for her boyfriend ~ .. At first i told Terence that i just teman him go have dinner with them.. but ended up .... = =|||. Check it out what i had done on this night .. but I really had fun =) it is a great hang out =D

PICTURE SECTION !!! CAMWHORE ~ (The Pics a lot weih ~)

Here i am, in the car and ended up at Mid Valley = =.

Crazy Photos
Terence, me and Jaq

Terence's Pervert face xD, and i shocked xD
Camwhore a lot xD

Went for MacD for dinner and Jaq had a Secret recipe Bday Cake !!

Feeding time ~

And i WON Terence in Pool and Foosball xD

Doing crazy stuffff

Hahaha dam funny lar, xD .. and we watched "Drag Me To Hell" .. i actually don't want to watch this movie one .. and .. haihs .. ended up watching too .. too bad this movie doesn't scared me at all =) Bleks .. Terence so weak in that movie .. xD


Camwhore in toilet .. and after the movie .. Terence is scared hell out of shyte .. and actually the movie is not that scary after all .. but He is like chicken quacking in the Cinema .. So funny man .. should have record how he act in the cinema .. wakakakakak xD .. Terence ! U Chicken !! xD

After that we went to Mamak nearby to Yum Cha ~

And END OF STORY~ with a stupid face xD that time was 2am dy .. = = all because of Terence's fault .. xD .. but i had fun lar .. taking so many pics .. xD .. Hehe .. then went back and msn awhile with june june ~ and den slept = =


  1. The moral of the story...Don't easily get influenced by others! Lols~

  2. Hahaha .. is not influence .. i said go makan dinner .. but hor .. once i get into the car .. the don care about me .. and drive on the mid valley .. Haha .. Dat is why i wear SO CASUAL .. xD .. Hahahahahah xD

  3. lol...luckily u dint pull me into water...

  4. SWT .. next time next time !! xD .. wakakaka

  5. amos.. pls larh.. next time not going to ajak u lor.. USED the WORD BEG wor!! ish.. its call as FRENZ inviting FRENZ.. not BEG.. i am not a BEGGAR k? u make everyone think that i am like so DESPERATE like that! cheh! *ticks nose*

  6. chey .. lalala ~ KEKE .. i help u dig ur nose lar come .. i use cangkul and dig .. xD wakakaka


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