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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chilling at Old Town from 11.30pm - 2am

(21/7/2009) So boring at home, in my room .. then June and i planned to go Old town at Melati Utama to do our own works there .. we tagged Terence in too, and wow .. is a small world after all, both from Ipoh, and stay so near to each other and Terence's sister is June's friend ... and Terence and June dunno each other until yesterday .. THX TO ME ! xD .. so ended up chit chatting more den doing our own works .. Wahahaha ~ it was fun =) i had a great time ~


  1. yeap so darn harworking! lol
    my hair seems nice in the last pic :)
    i had fun too! looking forward to more!!
    yea what a small
    terence(the fella with so many omgs haha).ipoh.classmate's bro.

  2. Lolz .. June ! .. don SS okay? xD .. wakaka .. heheheh .. Chiwawa .. u see him b4 meh?

  3. err...if i din mistaken. kinda yeah~ but..hmm.. a long story. i tell u next time. xD


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