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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Steamboat and BBQ Buffet at KePoNg ~

(Sunday, 19/7/09) I went steamboat and BBQ buffet with my church bros and and sis and pastor. It was great and the place is unique with a clean environment. Me and my bros took a lot a lot of seafood as if like we did not eat for few days already.. xD Hahaha .. and we took a lot of photos of us eating crazily .. Ice cream, Fruits, Seafood, BBQ chicken, Salad and Smash potatos ... can take how much u want .. but with one condition .. if u waste food .. u will get fine for RM10 per gram .. Hahaha .. so cool =D .. each person have to pay for RM21.80 and you can eat all you want .. except drinks that have to pay extra .. =)

Yay .. and we ate till our stomach pop up like a balloon xD .. i uploaded some pics i took there =)

Kok Huan and me

YuMmY ~~


  1. where? where? i wana go~~~

  2. yer... i n my fren anti tat restaurant le....they think it is not nice wor.....

  3. why not nice? went b4 meh? nice leh .. simple and nice and food not bad leh .. hmmm

  4. i know
    i went for few times edy...
    coz i stay there k amos....

  5. Hahaha .. =) .. there not bad marr .. =)


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